Dotor is a company concerned about the environment. It is for this reason that we have adapted vehicles to the current regulations and we have an active policy of contribution to improve the environment.

  • Euro Regulations VI for Buses
  • Paper and refuse recycling
  • Biodegradable cleaning supplies
  • Fuel Collection by CATOR


We do not use animal skin in our vehicles. We replace the upholstery with synthetic and sustainable materials.

Homologated air purifiers

In order to improve the air quality inside our coaches, we have installed the Hispacold eco3 air purifier. This air purifier reduces microorganisms, germs and allergens and prevents bad odors.

The eco3 air purifier has proved to be effective in vehicles in which it has been installed and it has been scientifically tested by the prestigious international company SGS Tecnos, an environmental expert.

Main features:

  • Decrease biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and germs.
  • Reduces infection risk.
  • Reduces driver’s sleepiness.
  • Increases oxygen concentration, keeping healthy levels and avoiding stuffy inside.
  • Removes pollutants gases.
  • Remove odors.

Water bottles

We eliminate plastic packaging by replacing water bottles with sustainable packaging.

Motion sickness bags

We replace the plastic bags for motion sickness with bags made of biodegradable material.

No curtains

We eliminate the curtains of our vehicles and opt for darker windows.

Daily maintenance and cleaning

We clean our vehicles daily to offer maximum comfort and safety to our passengers. We also carry out regular maintenance in compliance with current regulations to ensure the optimal operation of coaches, minibuses and cars.