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A cosmopolitan city with great cultural, commercial, financial, gastronomic and touristic importance. Barcelona stands out as one of the most visited European capitals, famous for Gaudí and his modernist architecture.

Strolling through its streets full of charm, is where you can really appreciate the art that surrounds the city. But that’s not all, walks along the sea of Barceloneta, walks to Tibidabo, nights on rooftops overlooking the skyline of the city, large green spaces like Parc de Montjüic or Ciutadella, the Olympic port, the FC Barcelona stadium…

All these details make the city of Barcelona a paradise for all types of visitors who wish to do tourism in Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter

It is the most beautiful neighborhood in Barcelona and is located in Ciutat Vella, in the heart of the city. Apart from its charm, this neighborhood exudes history with its centuries-old buildings and medieval streets. It is worth noting that despite its central location, it conveys calm and personality.

The main tourist attractions in the area are: the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, the Plaza San Jaume, the Town Hall, the Palace of the Generalitat, the Jewish quarter, the Plaza del Rey…


Going out for tapas in Barcelona has become a tradition when you visit the city. So much so that it is considered much more than eating, it represents a lifestyle, a social activity, a way to enjoy local dishes … For many it is a religion, the perfect excuse to meet with friends.


It is a very complete province, you can bathe in beaches or coves, enjoy the high mountains, visit charming medieval villages and even stroll through a volcanic region.

In the city of Girona -very rich historically-, you can walk along its great walls, get lost in the Jewish quarter and visit many historical monuments.

With Autocares Dotor you will be able to enjoy without worrying about the displacements with the advantage of our flexibility, tracing the most suitable route and always with the best comfort and security that we can offer you.

Boqueria Market

It’s a municipal market that was originally called El Mercat de Sant Josep and is located next to the city’s Rambla, specifically in the Ciutat Vella district. Now it has become a tourist attraction, but it is still a reference market – it was elected best market in the world in 2005 -. Here you can enjoy the flavors, smells, colors and textures that mix in a gastronomic festival.


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