Going out with friends helps us to strengthen bonds and share unforgettable experiences with our loved ones.

Here we leave you some ideas of plans that you can make and to which Autocares Dotor will be happy to accompany you.


Outings on foot, on wheels or through the heights. You decide and we take you there. Either by the coast with views of amazing beaches, such as those seen in the Camí de Ronda. Or on mountain routes, with incredible landscapes such as the mountains of Montserrat hiking, the volcanoes of the Garrotxa from a balloon or a kayak ride through the Congost de Mont-rebei.


Do you feel like immersing yourself in stories and deciding who you want to be for a while? Theater is an art that has accompanied us throughout time. This type of cultural group outing can be very enriching and fun at the same time. Enjoy plays, monologues, musicals…


There are countless museums and galleries that offer magnificent exhibitions and activities. Design, photography, art, history… whatever your preferences, there is surely one waiting for you to visit it with your friends.

Routes through the Pyrenees

We also suggest a visit to Vall de Núria. A glacial valley in the middle of the Pyrenees that you can enjoy in the company of friends or family both in summer and winter.


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