We take with the maximum seriousness the security of ours passengers. Our security systems keep all the strict regulations of endorsement, and they are submitted to periodic inspections to guarantee the maximum reliability. Our passengers are our priority.

The attention is constant, carrying out the pertinent reviews and the periodic control of the vehicle so that our users travel safe.

Certificado Seguridad Biológica COVID-19

DOTORBUS coach features

  • All our vehicles are provided with security arches stress-resistant and anti-overturning systems
  • Seats with anchorages according to norm R80
  • Time-delayed hydraulic, with automatic regulation of maximum speed
  • Integral suspension of the vehicles
  • Emergency exits in doors and windows
  • Bodywork resistance to frontal and lateral impacts
  • Detection control systems to guarantee the correct driver timing
  • Preventive maintenance of the fleet in own garages
  • School regulation: R/D 443/200
  • Assistance Systems: ASB, ASR, Frenos retarders.
  • Speed limiter to 100km/hour.

Safety harnesses for children

Due to previous demand we have harnesses available for children of reduced mobility (Kidy Bus Harness).

The child harness system is formed of a collection of straps which form a centralized safety system attached to the abdomen of the user.

The harness that secures the child is made up of five straps. Two straps (1 & 2) secure the child by the shoulders, two other straps (3 & 4) secure the pelvis of the child and one last strap (5), secures the groin area, preventing the child slipping out of the device.

What to do in case of emergency?

  • Keep calm. Leave quickly the bus leaving your personal objects.
  • Use the doors and if necessary, the closer and accessible emergency exits.
  • Move away from the bus. Go to a safe place away from traffic.
  • If there is a small fire, use the fire extinguisher following indications. If the fire extends or produces abundant smoke, leave quickly the vehicle.
  • Notify to the emergency services.


camaraRear vision camera

To guarantee the maximum security and to have the control in all the situations, our buses have a kit with a monitor and an camera with the same colour of the bus that is placed fit in the back of the bus, letting the driver see what happens at the back.

Seat belt

All the seats are equipped with seat belt, put on correctly.

Emergency hammer

The hammers to break the panes are found near the windows indicated with “emergency exit”. Be utilized only if is impossible to exit by the doors.


Give them to the driver, he will put them in the trunk. The personal objects or the hand baggage should be situated exclusively in the trunk or in the spaces fixed for this end. Make sure that they cannot fall.

Doors security opening

The opening device is found within sight, near the doors.
It should be used when the vehicle is stopped.
Upon driving it, the doors are released and immediately opened.

First-aid Kit

Exists in all the buses. Normally it is found in the front of the vehicle, identify with a pictogram.

Non smoke

Remember that is prohibited to smoke in all the vehicles of Dotor.

Fire extinguisher

It is placed at the front of the vehicle, generally near the driver seat.

The driver

A professional trained especially for this job. In the vehicle, he is your “security specialist”. Follow his instructions.